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8:46 AM - Monday, December 22, 2014
8 hour ago - Gizmodo / Jamie Condliffe
Over the weekend, the U.S. asked China to help it stop North Korean hackers . Now, China has publicly stated that, while it condemns cyberattacks, it believes that there is no proof that North Korea was responsible for the recent hacks of Sony . . .
10 hour ago - The Next Web / Mic Wright
While the Sony hack and the subsequent decision to cancel the release of The Interview have dominated headlines, a new hack pinned on North Korea is substantially more disturbing. Last week, manuals and other documents relating to equipment own . . .
17 hour ago - WSJ.com
The aborted release of “The Interview” has led to follow-up questions for Sony Pictures Entertainment, as the Hollywood studio’s outside attorney insisted the film “will be distributed.” The chief hurdle: how?
5 hour ago - Coolest Gadget Reviews
In the history of the Pirate Bay website, we’ve seen the popular file sharing website go offline a number of times, but each time, the torrent site would be back online rather quickly with site admins vowing to come back bigger and stronger. . . .
6 hour ago - BBC
Bitcoin trader Charlie Shrem has been sentenced to two years in jail for indirectly helping people swap cash for bitcoins on the Silk Road marketplace.
19 hour ago - arstechnica.com.feedsportal.com / Megan Geuss
They're not going to take over payments. But they might make some money.
12/19/2014 - Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis / Laura Lorenzetti
Uber struck a deal with Portland officials to suspend its local operations while the city redefines its transportation regulations.
10 hour ago - Gizmodo / Jamie Condliffe
Snapchat has decided to clamp down on third-party apps (for good reason). But now, Windows Phone users will find that they're left without any way to sext—given that there's no official app and all the other options have no been removed from t . . .
7 hour ago - VentureBeat / Chris O'Brien
Chinese authorities condemned the concept of cyber attacks today but insisted there was no evidence that North Korea was behind the Sony hack.
4 hour ago - Gizmodo / Darren Orf
Welcome to ginger-Barad-Dûr, home of the great shadow of Middle Earth, made completely out of gingerbread. Who knew Sauron had such a sweet tooth.Read more...
6 hour ago - Redmond Pie / Oliver Haslam
We already knew that the camera in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was pretty impressive, and it's not entirely new for smartphones to be used in the filming of anything from a music video to a fashion show, but it's always interesting to learn . . .
3 hour ago - insidefacebook.com
The social landscape is undergoing near-constant change, and with that, so must a brand’s strategy. As 2014 closes, marketers are prepping for the upcoming year by strategizing ways to leverage opportunities and overcome challenges. The way...
3 hour ago - Android Community / Ida Torres
When Google announced Android One last September to reach the emerging market in several Asian and African countries, there was much expectation that this will pave the way for a … Continue reading
6 hour ago - Gizmodo / Nathan Yau
It's always tough to pick my favorite visualization projects. I mean, it's a challenge to pick and rank your favorite anything really. So much depends on what you feel like at the time, and there's a lot of good work out there. Nevertheless, I . . .
5 hour ago - Gizmodo / Leslie Horn
If you're still in the market for a Christmas gift, you're in luck. Amazon has the Kindle Fire HDX on sale for $300. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. [Amazon]Read more...
3 hour ago - Gizmodo / Sarah Zhang
If you're the type of person who likes to do things the needlessly complicated way, then come on over. Here's how to make AA batteries entirely by hand, courtesy of YouTube's NurdRage.Read more...
15 hour ago - TechCrunch / Catherine Shu
 Xiaomi, the company that is now the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, has reportedly raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, according to the Wall Street Journal. A Xiaomi spokesperson declined to comment. Read More
4 hour ago - pcworld.com / Chanelle Bessette
The appeal of the Internet of Things is more than just being able to control gadgets and home appliances from the cloud. The bigger benefit comes when the devices interact and share information with each other. Today’s joint announcement . . .
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