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7:53 PM - Saturday, October 25, 2014
7 hour ago - Gizmodo / Chris Mills
The saga of Twitpic vs Twitter, probably the most ridiculously petty argument in the entire social media industry, is finally coming to a semi-satisfactory end: Twitpic is definitely shutting down, but its archives will live on in read-only mo . . .
5 hour ago - electronista.feedsportal.com
Google CEO Larry Page sent a memo to Google staffers yesterday, reorganizing the upper echelons of management, and stepping back somewhat from his daily duties. In the memo, Page transfers a number of divisions that previously reported directly . . .
3 hour ago - VentureBeat / Karyne Levy
The PlayStation TV, which was released last week, is a small set-top box that you can hold in your hand.
6 hour ago - TechCrunch / Josh Constine
 Long before Apple Pay, big brick-and-mortar retail chains were conspiring to sidestep the typical 2% to 3% fees they’re charged by credit card companies when consumers pay with credit. A company called MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange), spearhe . . .
10/24/2014 - Geek / Lee Mathews
Some Tor users who were downloading files from the Deep Web may have gotten a nasty surprise recently. A rogue exit node was discovered that was patching malicious code onto binary downloads. These […]
10/24/2014 - Engadget / Chris Velazco
Apple's iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 launched with a very, very pleasant surprise: If you splurged on an LTE model, you could choose whether you wanted to jump on Sprint's, T-Mobile's or AT&T's networks (along with EE's if you're in the UK), with nar . . .
13 hour ago - MobileBurn.com / Luke Jones
Samsung has kept quiet regarding its plans for Android 5.0 Lollipop, aside from a teaser image of the Galaxy Note 4 amidst Lollipops of course. However, the Note 4 is shipping with Android KitKat and the Korean company has not given any speci . . .
5 hour ago - VentureBeat / Dan Driscoll
Guest Post: An Austin, Texas-based startup CEO describes how moonlighting as an Uber driver is helping his startup's bottom line.
7 hour ago - ModMyi
Apple�s iTunes Store sales seem to have fallen significantly so far in 2014 which has been a deciding factor for the Cupertino California company to push forward with plans to revamp Beats Music and combine it with the iTunes brand. The Wal . . .
10/24/2014 - Engadget
Google's adding another member to its household family that includes Nest and Dropcam, and this time its home automation outfit Revolv. The firm's website lists it as "a Nest company" now, and goes on to to assure existing customers that they're...
10 hour ago - The Next Web / Owen Williams
Retail heavyweights in the US are moving to block Apple Pay by simply disabling NFC readers in their Point of Sale terminals while working to release their own solution. A report by The Verge today showed that Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Rite Aid and C . . .
10/24/2014 - TechCrunch / Jordan Crook
 Think about your first tweet. Mine was sent from a desktop, but I’m sure plenty of people sent their first tweet from a smartphone. But before you can ever send a tweet, you have to sign up for an account. And, of course, you have to type ou . . .
11 hour ago - VentureBeat / Debra Sharp
Bryan Sivak, CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, believes there is a way to make CDC guidelines integrate directly with patients’ electronic health records so that a patient at risk might be immediately flagged.
10/24/2014 - USATODAY.com
Hackers would love to weasel their way on to your smartphone or tablet.        
10 hour ago - TechCrunch / Xavier Bourlard
 The holiday season is fast approaching, and for mobile gaming studios it’s make or break time. How can you earn one of the coveted spots in Apple Store’s Top 10 list without exhausting your marketing budget? Below are five steps to help you de . . .
10/23/2014 - pcworld.com / Zach Miners
Facebook is going old-school, with a stand-alone app for discussion boards aimed at letting users talk about shared interests without having to use their real names.The company released Rooms on Thursday, its answer to the craze around pos . . .
6 hour ago - Mashable / Christina Warren
If you're still waiting for an invite to Inbox, Google's new app that rethinks email, we have good news: Just bug your friends who already have it. The service, which is still in beta, rolled out to limited users on Wednesday. Users who emaile . . .
12 hour ago - MobileSyrup.com / Daniel Bader
Streaming music provider Deezer has purchased Stitcher, a web- and mobile-based radio and podcast service, for an undisclosed sum. Stitcher is one of most popular places for North Americans to...
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