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3:00 PM - Friday, May 22, 2015
5/21/2015 - Mashable / Jason Abbruzzese
With D'Angelo seated at a piano and jamming for Spotify's big announcement event on Wednesday, someone could have confused Spotify for a music company But oddly, the reason D'Angelo was there, tapping away on the piano, is that Spotify was ann . . .
3 hour ago - Redmond Pie / Oliver Haslam
Apple’s upcoming iOS 9 will be impossible to jailbreak because of the following reason, according to a newly published report, and changes which Apple is making going forward. Continue reading this article at RedmondPie.com
4 hour ago - Gizmodo / Alissa Walker
Hope you’ve already checked out of work on this pre-Memorial Day Friday because this site might eat your long weekend for breakfast. Over 40,000 vintage photos of New York City from the New York Public Library archives have been geotagged to a . . .
5 hour ago - VentureBeat / Ruth Reader
ANALYSIS: PayPal is plotting a future for its digital payment ecosystem ahead of its planned split from eBay. Yesterday at its Rewired event in San Francisco, the company announced a new feature that will allow users to pay with its single touc . . .
7 hour ago - TechCrunch / Geoffrey Woo
 Nootropics, smart drugs, and other biohacks are now drawing mainstream scrutiny and controversy as more and more people are using legal, off-label, and unscheduled “research chemicals” as nootropics to enhance their academic or work performanc . . .
10 hour ago - MobileCrunch / Sarah Perez
 Project Fi, Google’s recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service, appears to have a lot of demand – or at least, that’s what an email sent out to potential customers seems to imply. The email informs those who previousl . . .
5/20/2015 - betanews.com / David Curry
Microsoft is reportedly planning another messaging app for the iPhone, this time utilizing Outlook contacts without all of the formalities on email. Spotted by Twitter user @h0x0d, Microsoft has named the app Flow and is preparing to launch it . . .
19 hour ago - slashgear.com / Lindsey Caldwell
Internet anonymity has become difficult to procure as the NSA is doing everything in its power to keep tabs on Internet activity. One way that people have been protecting their anonymity is by using the anonymizing network, Tor. It was popularl . . .
3 hour ago - Macworld / Jason Cipriani
The iPad is a convenient note-taking tool for the classroom and boardroom alike. And while Apple’s own Notes app is more than equipped to handle any text you can throw at it, it lacks any breakthrough features to keep you coming back. T . . .
11 hour ago - CNNMoney.com
REITs have been one of the best performing assets since the recession. But now they're stalling.
15 hour ago - Telecompetitor / Andrew Burger
Report: Connected Car M2M Traffic Will Pose ‘Grave’ Rush Hour Challenges Emerging as a key aspect of the fast-developing Internet of Things (IoT), equipping connected cars with mobile broadband capabilities presents new challenges for networ . . .
5 hour ago - bgr.com / Yoni Heisler
FastCompany directs us to a fascinating and somewhat obscure Apple video which features company co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak engaging in a bit of nostalgia as they discuss the early days of Apple and the impact that both the Apple I . . .
8 hour ago - engadget.com / Daniel Cooper
Earlier this week, folks in the know claimed that Apple's HDTV project had been junked after more than a decade of development. Now, however, Re/code is reporting that the company is still working on an online TV service for its devices, but wa . . .
9 hour ago - Android Community / R Padla
Adobe has always been in the business of design, editing, and creativity. From desktop, the company has ventured into the mobile business by launching apps for smartphones and tablets that … Continue reading
7 hour ago - TechCrunch / Frederic Lardinois
 LaunchKit, which aims to give developers a tool set that makes launching new apps easier, announced its newest service this week. The free LaunchKit App Store Sales Reporter helps developers track the sales they generate from Apple’s App Store . . .
4 hour ago - Redmond Pie / Zayed Rehman
iOS 9 for iPhone, iPad and OS X 10.11 for Mac features have been detailed in latest leak. More on what has been revealed can be found right here. Continue reading this article at RedmondPie.com
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