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12:50 AM - Monday, December 22, 2014
6 hour ago - TechCrunch / Jon Russell
 Back in June, Google introduced its Android One program to improve the affordable smartphone experience in emerging markets. The project debuted in India in September, and it is making its first expansion to cover neighboring Bangladesh, Nepal . . .
9 hour ago - TechCrunch / Jon Russell
 Snapchat confirmed in November that it would crack down on all third party apps, and now the ax has fallen on the Windows Phone app store, which no longer contains any third party apps as Windows Central reports. Read More
7 hour ago - TechCrunch / Catherine Shu
 Xiaomi, the company that is now the world’s third-biggest smartphone maker, has reportedly raised $1 billion at a $45 billion valuation, according to the Wall Street Journal. A Xiaomi spokesperson declined to comment. Read More
12/20/2014 - Fortune Tech: Technology blogs, news and analysis / Andrew Nusca
An employee of Sony Pictures Entertainment outlines what they went through following North Korea's alleged cyber attack on the company.
5 hour ago - pcworld.com / John Ribeiro
The Tor project said it could face attempts to incapacitate its network in the next few days through the seizure of specialized servers.The project did not name the group or agency that may try to seize its directory authorities, which gui . . .
6 hour ago - TechCrunch / Jon Russell
 Fresh from making its first investment in India last month, News Corp has now completed its first acquisition in the country, buying financial planning service BigDecisions.com as Next Big What first reported. Read More
12 hour ago - TechCrunch / Sarah Buhr
 Many have called for Sony to release ‘The Interview’ online. However, Sony CEO Michael Lynton stated earlier that there has not been a major video on demand service, “that has stepped forward and said they are willing to distribute this movie . . .
9 hour ago - Android Community / John Hoff
It’s worth remembering that only weeks ago, Google released its first patch to Android 5.0 (which was 5.0.1) for the Nexus 5 and then the more current Nexus 6. We … Continue reading
8 hour ago - Engadget / Daniel Cooper
If you want to judge a gadget on its true strengths, stick several in a room full of Engadget editors and see which one they swarm around. For that alone, Acer's Iconia W3 was a winner as soon as the eight-inch full-Windows tablet arrived in th . . .
7 hour ago - TechCrunch / Josh Constine
 A clandestine invite to a “secret screening to protest against censorship” of The Interview did not lead to a showing of the North Korea-skewering film at the center of the Sony Pictures hack. It did raise money for free speech charity Article . . .
14 hour ago - VentureBeat / Alyson Shontell
Sony is planning to release Seth Rogen’s controversial comedy, “The Interview” for free on its own streaming service Crackle, The New York Post’s Dana Sauchelli reports, citing unnamed sources. A lawyer for Sony Pictures stated on “Meet The Pre . . .
7 hour ago - MobileCrunch / Tadhg Kelly
 As a recent acquirer of an iPhone 6 Plus I had thought that a bigger phone would have better battery and be easier on my eyes. However what I hadn’t expected was the degree to which playing games on it would be much more fun than on my previou . . .
6 hour ago - VentureBeat / Ed Roman
Guest:I believe what’s needed is a grassroots mentorship movement in the programming world. Pair programming is just the start.
18 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
If you were worried that the US government would see the Sony Pictures hack as grievous enough to prompt a larger conflict with North Korea, you can relax. President Obama tells CNN that he doesn't see the digital assault as an "act of war" -- . . .
12/20/2014 - Android News, Rumours, and Updates / Justin Herrick
We have good news for prospective buyers of the Moto X (2014) in India. Online retailer Flipkart, the self-proclaimed “Online Megastore,” announced that the 32GB version of the Motorola handset will be available on December 22. It will be avail . . .
5 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
Wrapping your head around quantum physics is tricky, no matter how well-educated you are -- if it were easy, there wouldn't be problems making quantum computers. However, researchers at the National University of Singapore believe they've found . . .
4 hour ago - Anil Dash
In my my latest piece for Medium, I wrote about an issue that's been bugging me for a long time: Asian American men in tech...
9 hour ago - Gizmodo / Darren Orf
A Christmas Story? It's a Wonderful Life? Miracle of on 34th street? C'mon, we can do better than that. Read more...
9 hour ago - TechCrunch / Alex Wilhelm
 Microsoft shipped the first version of Windows on November 20, 1985. The company went public on March 13, 1986. That means that Microsoft pulled the trigger on its IPO mere months after Windows was first launched into the market. Until today I . . .
10 hour ago - LA Times / Julie Makinen
North Korea’s defense department asserted Sunday that the U.S. government was “deeply involved” in the making of the Sony Pictures comedy “The Interview” and threatened to “blow up” the White House, the Pentagon and other U.S. targets if Washin . . .
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