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2:06 AM - Monday, May 25, 2015
10 hour ago - iPhone Download Blog / Jeff Benjamin
The watch face is what you will see the majority of the time while using your Apple Watch. After all, regardless of all of the cool things that it can do with apps, glances, and the like, it’s still a digital watch in its most basic form. Th . . .
8 hour ago - Engadget / Mat Smith
Dr. John Nash, the Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose work included noncooperative game theory, has died aged 86. Know as Nash equilibrium, the theory is used in a broad range of fields, including economics, other social sciences, evolutio . . .
15 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
Instagram's photographic social feed isn't as novel as it once was, and you may be tempted to stop using it if you're overwhelmed by that never-ending stream of square pictures. How is the company supposed to keep you coming back for more? Thou . . .
7 hour ago - WSJ.com
Amazon.com has started booking revenue from retail sales in individual European countries, instead of funneling all sales through low-tax Luxembourg.
4 hour ago - TechCrunch / Jon Russell
 It’s been a pretty busy and expensive 2015 so far for Expedia — which forked out $280 million to buy Travelcity in February, before shelling out $1.6 billion for Orbitz a week later — but the travel giant is divesting one major asset after it . . .
5 hour ago - TechCrunch / Tadhg Kelly
 The next stage in the console business seems to be one of updating the business model toward one that provides much more value to players. Which of the major platforms will take that step? Read More
17 hour ago - Android Central - Android Forums, News, and Help / Ara Wagoner
Lollipop was released back in October of 2014, and it's now running on 9.7% of Android devices according to the May 2015 distribution numbers. Finding the phones in that 10% can be a bit of a challenge, though, so we're going to make it eas . . .
9 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
If you're fortunate enough to have more than one Chromecast device at home, you should now have an easier time making sense of your streaming options. Updates to both the Android and iOS Chromecast apps give you a reworked hardware view that gi . . .
7 hour ago - pcworld.com / John Ribeiro
BlackBerry plans to lay off an unspecified number of staff in its devices unit, as it attempts to make that business profitable, while expanding in other areas.The smartphone company in Waterloo, Ontario, said in a statement over the weeke . . .
5 hour ago - VentureBeat / Dean Takahashi
Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 core services are limited.
5/23/2015 - PhoneNews.com / Humberto Saabedra
The Mozilla Foundation will shift priorities on Firefox OS from low-cost smartphones to a flexible software platform Copyright 2015 PhoneNews.com
4 hour ago - engadget.com / Jon Fingas
If you've ever thought that "what was your first pet's name?" is a lousy way to keep intruders from resetting your password, you now have some evidence to back up your suspicions. Google has published research showing that security questions ar . . .
9 hour ago - TechCrunch / Fabrice Grinda
 Asset prices are more sensitive to very low interest rates than most suspect. Global interest rates are now at historic lows. Conversely we are seeing record prices for asset prices be they share prices of listed companies, privately held Inte . . .
5 hour ago - pcworld.com / John Ribeiro
Amazon.com may be planning to set up a marketplace for craftsmen, a questionnaire posted on the company’s website suggests.A marketplace focused on artisan products, which seems likely to be called Handmade, would put the online retailer d . . .
5 hour ago - Androidheadlines.com / Kristijan Lucic
As you all know, Nokia has been the world’s number one cellphone manufacturer in the past. Following a number of poor decisions by the company, they had to sell their Devices and Services business to Microsoft. Many people thought that the comp . . .
7 hour ago - engadget.com / Jon Fingas
Scientists have long talked about black silicon (that is, silicon with nano-sized structures) having the potential to trump conventional solar power, and there's now some proof that this is happening. Aalto University researchers have developed . . .
8 hour ago - BBC
The first round-the-world solar-powered flight, known as the Solar Impulse Two, is hoping to make the next and most difficult leg of its journey.
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