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9:18 PM - Saturday, April 18, 2015
10 hour ago - MobileCrunch / Natasha Lomas
 What is the Apple Watch? The simple answer is Apple’s first smartwatch. In fact Apple calls it its “most personal device ever”. But early reviewers have wrestled with the raison d’être of the Apple Watch. Read More
8 hour ago - engadget.com
Comcast is bringing its twice-as-fast-as-Google-Fiber internet service to northern California. Potential customers will need installation of professional-grade equipment to access it and, you'll have to be near its fiber network -- Fresno, Mont . . .
5 hour ago - TechCrunch / Joe Mccann
 We’ve been living in a bundled world. ESPN packaged with Nickelodeon, healthcare tied to employers, learning wrapped up in colleges and degree programs. We’ve grown up surrounded by so many bundled products and services that it’s easy to becom . . .
7 hour ago - betanews.com / Manish Singh
WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging client, has reached 800 million monthly active users. The company’s CEO Jan Koum shared the stat on his Facebook account last night. Interestingly enough, the company has just rolled out an update to its . . .
12 hour ago - Android News, Reviews, Applications, Games, Phones / Liam Spradlin
According to a Yahoo Finance exclusive, Google Wallet is now a little bit safer. Yahoo Finance reports that Google Wallet balances are now FDIC-insured, and that Google is accomplishing this by storing Wallet balances in FDIC-insured banking i . . .
4/17/2015 - TechCrunch / Natasha Lomas
 In France, the upper house of parliament yesterday voted to support an amendment to a draft economy bill that would require search engines to display at least three rivals on their homepage. Read More
4/17/2015 - MobileCrunch / Alex Wilhelm
 Microsoft promised this morning to release by the end of April a set of Office applications that it calls “Universal” for smartphones running Windows 10. The company has a two-prong productivity strategy in place for Windows: Office 2016 for d . . .
5 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
You may like Verizon's more flexible FiOS TV packages, but ESPN sure doesn't. The Disney-owned sports network claims that these offerings break contracts which prevent carriers from putting ESPN and ESPN2 into a separate sports package -- typic . . .
9 hour ago - Engadget / Jon Fingas
To put it mildly, Windows Phone's official mapping options are... basic. However, Microsoft is promising a better experience with the mobile Maps app in Windows 10. Get a recent preview version of Windows 10 and you'll see a map interface that . . .
10 hour ago - VentureBeat / Mikita Mikado
Guest: Our product marketing manager was seeing some issues within our application. He called me to talk about it. “Something weird is happening,” he said. “Our activation rate fell by almost half!”
12 hour ago - pcworld.com / Nick Mediati
The typical, consumer-grade 3D printer creates objects made of thin layers of stiff, brittle plastic fused together. Of course, hard plastic isn’t ideal for all projects, so that’s why researchers from Disney, Cornell University, and Carne . . .
8 hour ago - Gizmodo / Maddie Stone
Included in the deluge of Sony executive emails, memos, PDFs and presentations released on WikiLeaks earlier this week is one little nugget that will warm your inner child’s heart: Sony may be trying to nab film rights to the Super Smash Bros. . . .
4/16/2015 - TechCrunch / Greg Kumparak
 IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Rumors were that Disney et. al were going to release a second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer today… and here it is. Read More
4/17/2015 - engadget.com / Richard Lawler
It's been more than a year since Comcast announced its plan to buy fellow cable giant Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal, but it still hasn't received the blessings of various regulators. Now, word is leaking out from unnamed sources to Bl . . .
4/17/2015 - Gizmodo
Mark Zuckerberg means well. Or at least the billionaire says he does in a recent blog post about net neutrality and the Facebook-backed nonprofit Internet.org. Long story short, publishers in India are pulling their content from the Internet.or . . .
14 hour ago - WMPoweruser.com / Microsoft News
http://wmpoweruser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Star-Wars-Xbox-One.jpg=featured_img_url Star Wars Battlefront – publisher Electronic Arts’ and developer DICE’s reboot of the beloved Star Wars multiplayer-focused shooter, coming to Xbox One . . .
9 hour ago - Gizmodo / Maddie Stone
NASA really wants humans make it to Mars, and it also really wants to be the one that gets us there. In fact, NASA administrator Charles Bolden went so far as to say that “No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is goin . . .
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