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12:00 AM - Saturday, May 23, 2015
9 hour ago - slashgear.com / Brittany Hillen
The founder of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey, has been hit with a lawsuit from his former employer Total Recall Technologies. According to the lawsuit, Luckey used confidential information he acquired during his job at Total Recall to later launch h . . .
10 hour ago - WSJ.com
Having vanquished scores of brick-and-mortar retailers, Amazon has a new target: Etsy. The online retailer is prepping a marketplace for artisan goods that it is calling Handmade.
9 hour ago - VentureBeat / Mark Sullivan
Munchery joins Blue Apron and Sprig in a set of food delivery companies that have received large funding rounds in recent weeks.
8 hour ago - VentureBeat / Mark Sullivan
Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has said he would prefer reauthorizing the Patriot Act full stop, allowing the NSA to keep its current surveillance powers.
10 hour ago - Mashable / Jp Mangalindan
Would you buy clothes on Snapchat? The social media startup seems to think so — or at least, it is investing an unspecified amount into a shopping app called Spring, according to a Re/code report which cites sources familiar with the matter . . .
10 hour ago - bgr.com / Chris Smith
It’s no secret that Uber is interested in cutting costs by replacing current cars with smart self-driving cars in the future. And it looks like the first self-driving cars from Google will not be the only ones performing test drives in the U.S. . . .
8 hour ago - betanews.com / Brian Fagioli
I have a love/hate relationship with iOS. My iPad Air is a satisfying tablet; I enjoy using it while hanging out on the toilet, but I feel guilty using it. Why? I have some specific computing beliefs that Apple's operating system is at odds wit . . .
5/21/2015 - digitaltrends.com / Stephen Edelstein
The new Ford GT boasts more lines of code than a Boeing 787 Dreamliner or Lockheed F-22 Raptor, a product of Ford's decision to use off-the-shelf components. At least GT drivers will be able to brag about having the most code. The post Ford’s n . . .
11 hour ago - bgr.com / Yoni Heisler
A new in-depth study from Google reveals that the security questions most individuals use as an additional layer of security are often less secure and easier to guess than user-chosen passwords. This is especially problematic given that securit . . .
5/21/2015 - Engadget / Andrew Tarantola
9to5Mac, citing unnamed sources, reports that Apple is potentially gearing up to release its updated Transit service -- the same one it nixed immediately before last year's WWDC event -- with iOS 9. Transit acts as an add-on layer to Apple's ex . . .
15 hour ago - TechSpot / Steven Parker
The LG G3 was one of the best Android devices of last year as it brought a raft of upgrades and innovations, including the first Quad HD display on a commercially available smartphone. Improving on the G3 was always going to be a challenge and . . .
8 hour ago - bgr.com / Brad Reed
Just because Jay-Z’s Tidal service has been a bomb so far, that doesn’t mean artists aren’t right to be upset about the paltry sums of money they’re receiving from Spotify. However, Fort Frances lead singer David McMillin argues over at PopMatt . . .
19 hour ago - MobileCrunch / Sarah Perez
 Project Fi, Google’s recently announced plans to offer its own wireless cellular service, appears to have a lot of demand – or at least, that’s what an email sent out to potential customers seems to imply. The email informs those who previousl . . .
21 hour ago - WSJ.com
Channel 4 News said it found a database of 3.9 million of AdultFriendFinder.com’s members in an online forum for hackers, including users’ sexual preferences, e-mail addresses, dates of birth and, in some cases, whether they were looking to che . . .
9 hour ago - Android Phone Fans / Chris Chavez
In case you didn’t mark your calendar, Pac-Man officially turned 35 years old today. To help celebrate, Bandai Namco and Hipster Whale — creators of the smash hit game Crossy Road — have released a trailer for an upcoming game based around Pa . . .
7 hour ago - VentureBeat / Jordan Novet
Looks like Facebook is ready to start building a new data center -- this time in the Lone Star State.
20 hour ago - pcworld.com / Ian Paul
Mozilla is on a mission to show that online advertising can be done without violating a user’s privacy—or at least not violating it too much. Next week, the beta channel of Firefox will start testing new advertising tiles based on a user . . .
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