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12:54 AM - Saturday, November 29, 2014
15 hour ago - arstechnica.com.feedsportal.com / Joe Mullin
Lawsuit says Cox blew off copyright notices from two Rightscorp clients.
7 hour ago - TechCrunch / Frederic Lardinois
 When historians look at the history of the Web ten or twenty years from now, chances are they will point to Firefox as one of the most important products of the last ten years. But right now, it’s hard not to look at Firefox and worry a little . . .
12 hour ago - TechCrunch / Darrell Etherington
 The proliferation of smart home products means there’s never been a better time to get on board, even if you’re not that tech crazy or familiar with the market. Here’s the list of things to get you rolling with your own basic setup, plus a few . . .
18 hour ago - tuaw.com / Kelly Hodgkins
Apple's Black Friday sale is now live with the company offering a Product(RED) iTunes gift card for each eligible purchase. Gift card amounts range from $25 to $100 depending on the items being purchased. The promotion is available in both Appl . . .
10 hour ago - TechCrunch / Jeff Lawson
 People have wondered how an Internet without net neutrality would work. Net neutrality is more than just a debate, it’s not a hypothetical, and it’s real and alive today with SMS. It is currently hypothetical that on an Internet without net ne . . .
11/27/2014 - Engadget / Jon Fingas
You've probably had that moment in a store fitting room where you realize you're trying the wrong clothes, but would rather not get dressed again just to check out those pants in a different color. If Nordstrom succeeds with its new eBay-design . . .
23 hour ago - Engadget / Daniel Cooper
The home of Las Vegas is meant to be a paradise of unhinged abandon, where consequences don't matter and everyone has a great time. Unfortunately, no-one at the Washoe County District Court got that memo, since it's just slammed Uber with a pre . . .
19 hour ago - MobileBurn.com / Luke Jones
The European Commission really does not like Google. The EU has been at loggerheads with the search giant for several years and continues to go after the company. It seems the European Parliament thinks that most things Google stands for are . . .
20 hour ago - VentureBeat / Dean Takahashi
We can all be thankful for gaming's bubble, but we better keep our feet on the ground.
21 hour ago - Gizmodo / Chris Mills
The OnePlus One is a fantastic smartphone in almost every way , apart from how you purchase it — normally, you need an invite to be able to buy. Which means you would need to have actual friends. But as a special treat for this weekend of unbr . . .
11/27/2014 - NY Times / Josh Barro
Market data suggests that the taxi business, which has undergone little change over many decades, is in the midst of a revolution.
20 hour ago - Android Community / R Padla
Your future gadgets will no longer bear the regulatory text usually found at the back. This is according to a new E-Labels Act that said products like tablets and smartphone … Continue reading
10 hour ago - The Next Web / Roberto Baldwin
Earlier this month Uber got itself into hot water for a variety of items, one of which involved using the company’s God View tool to spy on riders — including a journalist — without their consent. According to Slate, Uber has finished its inves . . .
22 hour ago - bizjournals.com / Ben Miller
Microsoft Corp. is reportedly planning a big event to commemorate the introduction of Windows 10 for consumers in January. The Verge reports Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will detail the consumer features of Windows 10, which will be designed to . . .
10 hour ago - bgr.com / Chris Smith
Selfie fans who have significantly upped their selfie-taking game by using complex selfie sticks to take better pictures of themselves with or without friends should know the South Korean government has its sights on them… well, not so much on . . .
18 hour ago - Engadget / Daniel Cooper
You know those cartoons where the culprit was revealed to be Old Mr. Jones, the Caretaker, all along? It turns out that Sony's been pulling the same trick concerning Fashion Entertainments' e-paper watch. The story goes that the company wanted . . .
11/27/2014 - Androidheadlines.com / Justin Diaz
BlackFriday The official BlackFriday app from Blackfriday.com. The app provides you with the latest ads on your mobile device right when they break so you know about things as soon as possible, to make sure you don’t miss out on any deals. The . . .
14 hour ago - VentureBeat / Kia Kokalitcheva
Since one version of the iPad has become smaller (the iPad mini) and one version of the  iPhone has become larger (the iPhone 6 Plus), it’s become harder to tell them apart. But not for much longer. Rumor has it that Apple is gearing up to laun . . .
23 hour ago - 9to5mac.com / Ben Lovejoy
Steve Jobs may have passed away more than three years ago, but he is still having patents awarded today as applications work their way through the system and old patents are renewed with updates. MIT Technology Review notes that of the 458 pate . . .
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